Saturday, January 16, 2010

How can i loose weight,,compare it,,,

Hello there,,hi let me introduce my self.My name is
dirah and i'm 22 years old.I've completed my diploma
al engineering and right now i'm further
my study in degree
of manufacturing engineering,
University Malaysia Pahang.I'm a happy+enjoy+love to
eat so so so much,,I want to share with u guys
something dats change my life,totally,,
As yall can
see,this is me in age
22. At this time, I've continue
er my study at UMP..But,,lets yall see another pic,,

This pic was taken when i'm doing
diploma(at the right
side is me),,can yall see how big and fat i am,,
huhuhu,,this is
a true story,,lets compare with
another pic,,

ah ha,,,this is my matrics card num..can u see
the difference??at the right side was my pic
last year (diploma),,and the left side was taken
this year(degree)..So did u
want to know my secrets??

One day my dad ask me,,did u want to loose ur weight??
coz the first thing that company look for before u
enter is ur appearance,personality,attitude and even ur attire..
its become more difficult for me coz im a big and fat,,
thats true,,so,,he su
ggest me to use HERBALIFE which
has change m
y life so much,,,thanks HERBALIFE,,did u
know what is HERBALIFE?

Herbalife is a nutrision food which can help u in diet
daily..So if u guys want to know more about how to loose
or even gain ur weight, just let me know ok,,coz i want
to share what i have been through and caring is a
sharing,,for more information, i can be ur personal
wellness coach for free,,what r u waiting guys??,,u can
email me at or call at 017-3738037..
dis is a true story,,and right now i have l
oose about 7kg
in two months,,unbelieveable dude,,,